Developers, are you looking for a piece of code OR library you used before but can’t find it now? Well, you are not alone. And here’s the perfect solution for you

We are excited to announce the launch of a brand-new feature of kandi - My Space. This feature allows you to efficiently manage your favorite Code Snippets, and Libraries for future reuse, modification, sharing, and publishing.

We think you are going to love ( :heart_hands:) it! ­­

How does it helps you?

Whether you are a developer, learner, or a coding enthusiast, My Space can help in 4 easy steps:

  • Search :mag: for a library OR code snippet based on the solution you are looking to develop/learn/publish.
  • Save :orange_heart: and store assets of your choice from the filtered/shortlisted search results.
  • Organize :toolbox: them by sorting them into dedicated lists/folders with desired nametags.
  • Publish :black_nib: your own kit by creating and describing a solution that can be built using these assets.

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