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Live Sessions & Events

Join our Bootcamps, Hackathons and Events to enhance your skills in emerging technologies through hands on, industry-oriented trainings!
Participate in our FREE 60-min power packed Bootcamps and build exciting projects and earn certificates on domains such as AI/ML, Data Science, Web Development, Programming languages and many more. Check out our ‘Bootcamp Schedule’ for more details on topics and registrations!


Stay tuned for the latest news and updates about Open Weaver, partnerships, accolades, hackathons, and developer-focused industry events to accelerate application development.

60 min Self Certification Hub

Check out our Self Certifications across AI & ML, Big Data Analytics, AR & VR, Blockchain, Gaming and Programming Basics .
STEP 1: Watch a self-guided tutorial and experience the kandi 1-click solution kits.
STEP 2 : Build your own custom application using kandi resources.
STEP 3: Complete an assessment and receive your badge and certificate!
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Virtual Internship Program

The Virtual Internship Program is a 4 week guided pathway to gain industry ready skills through project-based learning. This 6 credit worthy internship is offered across 5 domains and is conducted in partnership with Universities & Colleges. CLICK HERE to register your/your institution’s interest!

ICT Academy - Virtual Internship Program

To help students gain work experience through industry-ready projects, ICT Academy in association with Open Weaver has organized the Virtual Internship Program on advanced technical domains such as Artificial Intelligence, Full Stack Development and Web Development that will prepare them for the industry requirements today. CLICK HERE to express interest in joining the 2nd Cohort of Virtual Internship Program.

FutureSkills Prime Collaboration

NASSCOM FutureSkills Prime and Open Weaver are proud to support your continuous skilling journey. Our objective is to enable learners to acquire in-demand skills that are highly valued by employers. CLICK HERE to look for FREE Virtual Labs by Open Weaver and start your Digital Upskilling journey today!
Congratulations to you and all the best!

Community FAQs

Would you like to know more about the Open Weaver Community? Check out our FAQs below to understand more about the community and how you can enhance your skills in emerging technologies through our hands on, industry-oriented trainings & bootcamps! Start your skilling journey with us and get certified!
Connect with us by Signing Up on to the platform - click on ‘REPLY’ below and leave your comment/question. Our team will promptly respond to you.

The Commonwealth-Digital Entrepreneurship Program

To empower the youth, women, students, entrepreneurs, and micro enterprises (MSMEs) across the Commonwealth Nations to become digital-first businesses, the Commonwealth Secretariat in partnership with Open Weaver has launched the Accelerating Entrepreneurship Using AI & Digital Program.
The program, will harnesses the power of students and youth, and empower them with no-code digital tools to support them create their digital startups, or, transform the MSEs in their regions to digital businesses.
CLICK HERE to know more and register for the program!