Basics of HTML/CSS for Beginners! Start your Web Development Journey from Scratch

Learning Objectives: After completing this course you will,

  • Have a good working knowledge of the Fundamentals of HTML/CSS Programming.
  • Learn various concepts like Tags, Elements, lists, & Hyperlinks, to create your own food recipe web page.
  • Get a food recipe web page that you can customize, showcase and share, using the existing source code.

Complete this course in 3 easy steps to earn your certificate!

STEP 1 : Watch the below self-guided tutorial.
STEP 2 : Practice as you watch the video by installing and working with the kandi 1-click solution kit.
STEP 3 : Complete the assessment to receive your certificate.


Watch this self guided tutorial on the “Basics of HTML/CSS for Beginners”.


Click the below button to access the basics of HTML/CSS kandi kit. This kit has all the required dependencies and resources you need to build your application.

Click on the 1-Click Installer button on the kandi kit page to install the basics of HTML/CSS kit. On installing and running this kit, you will have a working model that you can customize and use in your project.

kandi 1-Click Kit - Dark

Code Snippet Exercises

Below are two coding exercises that will help you advance in your journey in HTML/CSS. To get started, use the relevant keywords to search for simple code snippets in the search bar on kandi.

Exercise 1 - Heading tag < h >: The < h1 > to < h6 > tags are used to define HTML headings. < h1 > defines the most important heading. < h6 > defines the least important heading.

Exercise 2 - Image tag in HTML < img >: The < img > tag is used to embed an image in an HTML page. The < img > tag has two required attributes:

  • src - Specifies the path to the image.
  • alt - Specifies an alternate text for the image, if the image for some reason cannot be displayed.


Complete a short assessment and earn your certificate now. Congrats

Take Assessment

Your assessment will be reviewed and you will receive a verified certificate via email within a week.


Reach out to us by replying below for any help you may need with this course.

We hope you enjoyed using kandi! Continue your learning journey with kandi Congrats


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Hey there, I didn’t got my certificate for this tutorial. I have given my assessment twice but still no certificate

@ashersajid07, If you have completed and submitted the assessment, you will receive your certificate via email (from within 7 business days from assessment submission.


I installed the kit from the link but I unzipped the folder then installed it but It shows error path not specified…


@lipsapriadarshini, we will check once and will let you know.

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If you have completed and submitted the assessment, you will receive your certificate via email (from within 7 business days from assessment submission.

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