Virtual Internship in Web Development - Apply Now!


  • This is a 4-week internship program in AI Engineering.
  • The internship is designed to be interactive and will help gain industry-ready skills through project-based learning.
  • The program will have 3 Orientation Bootcamps + Coding Projects + Capstone Project.
  • It is designed for 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th year students with a basic degree/understanding of coding (B.Tech, BCA , BSc CS, MCA, M.Tech etc).
  • Participants will receive a badge on completion of every week’s activities, and an Internship Completion Certificate at the end of the internship.


  • Web Development has been the key factor in the success of businesses and it has evolved drastically over the years.
  • You will learn about the concepts and building blocks of creating a Web application by yourself.
  • Learn about the recent advancements of Web Development using HTML, CSS and Javascript
  • Hands-on learning with projects on every step to help you create your own Web applications

Web Development has advanced quite a lot from creating websites to aiding interactive WebGames, and also building various applications in the domains of Augmented Reality (AR), Virtual Reality(VR), Blockchain, Metaverse etc.

You would also learn to use Web Development frameworks in HTML, CSS, JavaScript, TypeScript and libraries like NodeJS, AngularJS, Webpack etc. to create your web application. In addition to this, the projects can be developed and executed any IDE in your laptop/desktop.

You will get to build cool applications like creating Webpage, web-based Candy Crush game, AR based E-Commerce application etc. and hence stand out by keeping track of the advancements of the Web Development world.

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