Rewind 2022 - kandi from Open Weaver

Rewind 2022 - kandi from Open Weaver

Open Source Reuse: 2022

Wishing you a very Happy New Year :tada:
We wanted to thank you all for furthering open source reuse. Here are highlights of how we
made a difference with your support.

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Top 5 technology areas and libraries in 2022

Artificial Intelligence
tensor flow | models | transformers | opencv | pytorch

bitcoin | go-ethereum | lerna | ccxt | vnpy

kubernetes | moby | free-for-dev | ansible | gogs

godot | phaser | libgdx | proton | aseprite

Virtual Reality
AR.js | ar-cutpaster | aframe | engine | Awesome-ARKit

Top 5 projects

Build an AI Virtual Assistant

Build an AI Powered Object Detector

Build an AI Breast Cancer Prediction Model

Build AR Powered E-Commerce Site

Build your own Candy Crush game using JS

_ 60k projects

We associated with following brands to drive open standards in digital application development.

Open Weaver has also partnered with many notable universities to help young developers build applications faster.

Futureskills Metaverse 3. OSI 4. NASSCOM

5. enactus 6. The Economic Times 7. ICTACADEMY

We look forward to making 2023 a more successful year of developing faster with open source reuse! Stay tuned!

Open Weaver Team

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