Open Weaver Showcased in nasscom Report on India's Tech SMEs

Nasscom’s Tech SMEs report features Open Weaver’s digital innovation case study

Open Weaver, a SaaS tech startup, has been featured in the latest nasscom Report, highlighting India’s Tech SMEs’ rising presence in the global digital landscape. The report, titled “India’s Tech SMEs: Rising in the Global Digital Arena,” examines the growth and potential of India’s 10,000+ technology SMEs and their contributions to the country’s digital economy. It provides valuable insights into the challenges and opportunities addressed by these SMEs, thereby underscoring their invaluable role in driving the digital economy forward.

Open Weaver has been recognized as one of India’s rising digital tech SMEs in the report for its innovative kandi platform that has helped the developer community accelerate their digital goals. The report showcases Open Weaver among the Enterprise Software and Cloud platforms. In the age where all businesses see technology as their backbone, the case study explores how kandi from Open Weaver was able to help millions of global developers with their digital transformation.

Commenting on the report, Ashok Balasubramanian, CEO, Open Weaver, said, “We are proud to be featured in this nasscom report, which recognizes the contribution of technology SMEs in the global digital realm. At Open Weaver, we have always been committed to digital acceleration and the democratization of digital development. Our inclusion in this report reaffirms the value kandi and Open Weaver are delivering to global developers and the digital ecosystem.

The report highlights the following impact from Open Weaver and its kandi platform:

  • In 2022 alone, over 3 million global developers leveraged kandi to develop their applications.
  • They reused over 28.1 million libraries and code snippets across Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain, DevOps, Gaming, and Augmented Reality.
  • In total, this open source assets reuse represents over 1.01 Billion hours of digital development time that has been saved.

To know more about the value Open Weaver has delivered, and to read the full report visit nasscom’s knowledge center.

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