Capstone Projects

STEP 1 - Orientation & Demo

:point_right: Watch the demo session to familiarize on how to build applications on Open Weaver Studio.

STEP 2 - Access Open Weaver Studio

Sign up on Open Weaver Studio and start building your applications! Please use the same email address you used when registering for the capstone projects.

OW Studio

STEP 3 - Capstone Project Statement

Capstone Project Statement - Build an Industry-ready application using Open Weaver Studio that addresses real world challenges, and provides innovative solutions for diverse sectors. These could be Original Digital Ideas or Tech For Good Solutions. Below are some examples for your reference.

Original Digital Ideas: Example Applications (not limited to)

  • Art: Art portal using generative AI for users to co-create art and purchase prints.
  • Content Creation: Cool social media content writing generative AI tool for Indian languages.
  • Promote Businesses: Engaging landing page for a unique service.
  • Empower Operations: Recruitment platform that generates cover letters using generative AI.

Tech for Good Solutions: Example Applications (not limited to)

  • Learning: Generative AI based Tutor app that translates content in local languages and summarizes for children with learning disabilities.
  • Decarbonization: Hyper-local circular economy platform where users can share goods within the community.
  • Mentoring: Mentorship and Community Events scheduling portal that connects local experts with the underprivileged.
  • Welfare: Mobile Portal for volunteers to share needs and respond to tasks.

STEP 4 - Submission and Evaluation

Ensure you deploy your applications and complete the submission form!

Reach out to your faculty coordinator to get the submission form link.

Ask faculty for submission form link

Training & Supporting Resources

1. Basic Studio Guides: Watch simple self-guiding videos to help you get started with the basics of Open Weaver Studio.

2. Quick Tour: Follow the steps on the quick tour to build you application step-by-step! Start by ‘creating a new app’ and click on ‘HELP’ to access the Tour.

3. User Guide: For in depth information on Open Weaver Studio and detailed documentation across each feature, refer to the User Guide by clicking on ‘HELP’.

4. More Support:

Check out our FAQs for more guidance on how you can build applications on Open Weaver Studio.

Reach out to the support team by clicking on ‘REPLY’ below and posting your query. The support team is available from 9 AM to 9 PM IST to respond to all your queries.


Q1. What steps can be taken to create a completely responsive webpage within the platform?

A1. Try to wrap all your elements inside the blocks and set the block’s layout to Vertical or Horizontal depending on your need.

Try to always set the element’s width as ‘relative’ and modify its value in percentages, and not as pixels using the Fixed width and height.


Q2. Even in vertical layout type, can widgets be freely dragged and dropped for easier design of responsive apps?

A2. No, when you set layout type anything other than absolute, it cannot be freely dragged and dropped. But to make it simpler, you can move it using the arrows in the widget properties. Use Margin & Padding also if required.


Q3. What are flows in Studio, and what is its purpose?

A3. Flows are the backend of the website that you are building to perform any action, store, update data in the database, etc.

Q4. What are resources, and how are they utilized within the platform?

A4. Resources provide you with a wide range of services and a way to import your images and files from your local repository into the studio’s repository and use it in your application. With services like Content Generation, AutoML, and Sentimental Analysis as resources to add to your website.

Q5. Can widgets be copied and used across multiple pages?

A5. You can right-click on a widget that you want to use across multiple pages, and then choose ‘copy’, and then ‘paste’ it anywhere you need inside the canvas.

Q6. Is there an option for undo and redo in design tools?

A6. As of now, there is no undo/redo option available.

Q7. Are there app templates available for creating sign-in and sign-up pages, including flow, database integration, and design?

A7. Open Weaver Studio provides you with a wide range of App Templates and Page Templates to make your work a lot easier. Login to your workspace you will find the option to Create an App from Template. Click on more templates to check out the different app templates available.

Q8. How to add external features like maps, videos, and star ratings to the Studio?

A8. Use the iFrame widgets for adding external features like maps, videos, and star widgets.

Q9. Is it possible for image widgets to navigate to external sites, instead of just having link text available?

A9. Currently, you can use a link text widget alongside an image widget to navigate to external sites.

Q10. Is there a location widget available for real-time tracking features such as order tracking or vehicle tracking?

A10. No, currently there is no widget for real-time tracking. But, you can use any external APIs. For example, you can use Google’s geolocation API for real-time tracking.

Q11. Is there a grid system for alignment and design to aid in layout?

A11. In the page properties, you can use the “Justify Content” and “Align” properties to provide aid in your layouts.


Q12. Are there any known issues with the interface being laggy or slow while building pages, and with edits not showing up in real-time?

A12. This mostly depends on the processing speed of your device, using a system with high-speed processors does not lag and will provide you with a smoother experience.

There are no current known issues with the Preview, as all the changes that you make can be viewed instantly.

But, when you are working on a deployed application, you will have to deploy it again after making changes to it, to see the changes in the deployed link.

Q13. Is a PDF file reader available for building summarization-based apps like academic or healthcare apps?

A13. Currently, there is no PDF file reader available, although Studio allows you to copy the contents from the PDF and paste it into the text display widget and you can summarize it using the “Summarization” service provided in the “Resources”.

Q14. Are there any glitches with the preview and deploy functions, such as seeing a blank page when clicked?

A14. You can try reloading the page if you are facing any of these issues. If the issue persists, you can always contact our ‘Support’ team.

Q15. Which image formats are supported by the Icon and Image widgets?

A15. Image formats – JPG, JPEG, PNG.

Icon Formats – PNG.

Q16. Could you provide a tutorial or a guided tour of the studio suitable for beginners?

A16. Certainly. To access a tutorial tailored for beginners within the studio, simply navigate to the top right corner of the studio’s page. From there, click on “Help” and then select “Take Tour”. This feature will systematically guide you through the studio’s interface, explaining its various features and functionalities in a beginner-friendly manner.