Digital Skills Certification for ICT Bridge 2022


Millions of global developers are building digital applications easier and faster with kandi from Open Weaver. We are partnering with ICT Academy to extend the same to you!

Learn and get certified with hands-on projects on Artificial Intelligence, Virtual Reality, Blockchain, Big Data, Financial Services, Programming languages and many more.

Access exciting 10-min tutorials and 1-click solution kits and earn your verified certificate and badge now in 2 easy steps!

STEP 1: Click on the topics below and watch the 10 min video tutorial.
STEP 2: Click on the ‘Apply For Certification’ button and complete simple quiz to receive a Participation Certificate and Achievement Certificate.

  1. AI Fake News Detection
  2. AR Face Filters for Insta & Snapchat
  3. Mint your First NFT
  4. AR enabled E-commerce site
  5. Breast Cancer Prediction
  6. Candy Crush Game
  7. Object Detection using AI
  8. Virtual Assistant
  9. AI powered Emoji Detector
  10. NLP Paraphrase Generator
  11. Movie Recommendation System using Pandas
  12. Interactive AR Tutor App
  13. Speech Summarizer
  14. Object Tracking System
  15. Basics of Python Programming

We hope you enjoy your learning journey with kandi!

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