'Basics of NumPy & Pandas | Build your own Movie Recommendation System' | 60 min Bootcamp for Sri Venkateshwaraa College of Engineering and Technology


After completing this course you will:

  • Have a good working knowledge of the Fundamentals of Data Analysis.
  • Learn various concepts involved in building the Recommender such as use of a collaborative filtering mechanism using implementation pandas and NumPy library.
  • Have a fully functional Movie Recommender prototype that you can customize, showcase, and share, using the existing source code.

Complete this course in 3 easy steps to earn your certificate & badge!

STEP 1 : Watch the below self-guided tutorial.
STEP 2 : Practice as you watch the video by installing and working with the kandi 1-click solution kit.
STEP 3 : Complete the assessment to receive your certificate & badge.


Watch this self-guided tutorial on Movie Recommendation System with Pandas. This includes an understanding of Python language; an IDE like jupyter or PyCharm to write Python code and essential libraries like pandas, numpy to build your own Movie Recommendation System with Pandas.


Click the below button to access the Movie Recommendation System kandi kit. This kit has all the required dependencies and resources you need to build your application.

Click on the 1-Click Installer button on the kandi kit page to install the Movie Recommendation System kit. On installing and running this kit, you will have a working model that you can customize and use in your project.

kandi 1-Click Kit - Dark

Code Snippet Exercises

Below are three coding exercises that will help you advance in your journey in Movie Recommendation System Using Python. To get started, use the relevant keywords to search for simple code snippets in the search bar on kandi.

Exercise 1 - pandas dataframe join: This exercise helps join/merge columns with other DataFrame either on index or on a column.

Exercise 2 - sort pandas dataframe: In order to sort the data frame in pandas, function [sort_values() is used. Pandas sort_values() can sort the data frame in ascending or descending order.

Exercise 3 - Removing duplicate rows in a dataframe using pandas: Pandas drop_duplicates() method helps in removing duplicates from the Pandas Dataframe in python.


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