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Here is your Personalized Internship Calendar! Save it and follow the timelines to earn your badges and internship completion certificate!

Showcase your progress & win exciting prizes!

  1. Share your badge on social media. You can save the image and share.
  2. Add a short note on why you are excited to learn new digital skills.
  3. Ensure you tag #Ready2GoDigital @ICTAcademy @OpenWeaver.

Win goodies every week! Share badges every week and stand to win Airpods at the end of the internship!


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WHAT’S NEXT - Take Welcome QUIZ & Earn your 1st Badge!

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Sir I did not receive my badge for 1st week even after completion

Please check your mail; you should have received it.

sir i did not attend my second bootcamp in live but will my attendance be marked if i look at the video today?

To mark your attendance, please watch the recorded video/live bootcamp after you sign in.