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Welcome to the Virtual Internship Program in Generative AI!

Are you having troubles with you Emails? Finding it difficult to catch up on reminders?
DONT WORRY! We’ve got you covered! Here is your Email Hub!

  1. Welcome Email - Sent on 28th July 2023
  2. Important Dates & Mandatory Requirements - Sent on 4th August 2023
  3. Your Personalized Calendar - Sent on 4th August 2023
  4. Welcome Quiz to Earn your 1st Badge! - Sent on 9th August 2023
  5. Explorer Quiz to Earn your 2nd Badge! - Sent on 12th August 2023
  6. Week 1 Live Bootcamp - Sent on 22nd August 2023
  7. Week 2 Live Bootcamp - Sent on 29th August 2023
  8. Week 3 Live Bootcamp / Capstone Project - Sent on 5th September 2023
  9. Mentoring and Clarification Session - Sent on 20th September 2023

COMING UP NEXT on 21st September 2023 - Mentoring and Clarification Session Details


I install the kit and run the app.ipynb file but My gradio chatgpt is not working. I am not getting there responses

Did you copy paste the OpenAI API key in the jupyter notebook before you run the notebook?

Yes. I think I have expire my monthly credit

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In that case, pls regenerate a new API key and try again.

I have submitted my capstone project but still not got any acknowledge on email or the certificate.
Should I have to do anything ?

You will receive your badge #5 by the end of the day.