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  1. Welcome Email - Sent on 28th July 2023
  2. Important Dates & Mandatory Requirements - Sent on 4th August 2023
  3. Your Personalized Calendar - Sent on 4th August 2023
  4. Welcome Quiz to Earn your 1st Badge! - Sent on 9th August 2023
  5. Explorer Quiz to Earn your 2nd Badge! - Sent on 12th August 2023
  6. Week 1 Live Bootcamp - Sent on 20th August 2023
  7. Week 2 Live Bootcamp - Sent on 27th August 2023
  8. Week 3 Live Bootcamp / Capstone Project - Sent on 3rd September 2023
  9. Mentoring and Clarification Session - Sent on 13th September 2023

COMING UP NEXT on 14th September 2023 - Mentoring and Clarification Session Details


ping’ is not recognized as an internal or external command,
operable program or batch file. Iam getting this error while installing kandi kit.

Hi, can you provide a screenshot of the error?

how long does the kandi kit take to install, its been a while since the installation has begun.

Please reply to my error as today is the last day to submit my assignment

plz help me out. Iam stuck with the form interface and hav tried so many times to solve this but still got stuck. due to my week 1 project is still pending.

Can you post a screenshot of the issue you’re facing?

It typically takes 5 to 7 minutes depending on your Network bandwidth. Sometimes, the anti-virus scan can take longer time

Could you provide details on the Windows OS version?

Windows 11
Is the os version

Mam, I got 3 badges from the 2nd week to the 4th week, but I forgot to submit the 1st week project. Does that affect getting my internship certificate? Do I Am Eligible?

Kindly watch the recorded session and complete the coding project.

Where do i access my badges. I recieved Emails that i got badges but in openweaver i’m not seeing them under the badges section

Can you please elaborate?

i got mails regarding the badges recieved but im not understanding where to look for them in open weaver

Save your badge from the email and showcase it on your social media platforms like LinkedIn etc.

I Completed Capsule project after I came to the website to submit the form…but after few hours of completion of project the openweaver project site cannot load it shows like blank page…I can’t able to record my project😭 for the form to submit…Please retify this

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i am not able to open studio it is not loading just a blank page is seen

I can’t able to open studio it is not loading just a blank white page, then when I submit my project