Important Dates & Mandatory Requirements

Welcome to the Virtual Internship Program in Web Development!

We are delighted that you have chosen to pursue your internship in the Web Development domain and wish you the best as you continue to enhance your employable skills and get future-ready!

Read the below information carefully and make note of the dates and requirements!


  • 4 week project-based internship with Live Bootcamps + Coding Projects + Capstone Project.
  • Create and showcase your own industry ready application at the end of the program!
  • Fully digital & flexible program to accommodate your academic schedules
  • Earn badges as you progress and a verified certificate on completion.
  • Meet and collaborate with peers from across 350+ colleges!


  • SIGN-UP OR SIGN-IN to this community for your attendance and participation to be recorded. Always use the same email address you used while registering for the program!
  • Attendance in all 3 live Bootcamps, submission of Coding Projects and submission of Capstone Project is mandatory to receive Internship Completion Certificate.
  • Technology requirements - Laptop/desktop with Google Chrome browser and ability to run projects and internet (preferably hi-speed).


  • Start Date - Thursday, 17th August.
  • End Date - Friday, 15th September.
  • It is mandatory for you to attend all the Bootcamps and complete your Coding Projects and Capstone Project in order to receive your completion certificate.
  • Save the below schedule so that you don’t miss on any important dates and submissions!

Showcase your progress & win exciting prizes!

  1. Share your badge on social media. You can save the image and share.
  2. Add a short note on why you are excited to learn new digital skills.
  3. Ensure you tag #Ready2GoDigital @ICTAcademy @OpenWeaver.

Win goodies every week! Share badges every week and stand to win Airpods at the end of the internship!


Reach out to us by replying below for any questions! You must be signed in with your registered email address to use the ‘reply’ feature.

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