23 Aug :: Week 1 Live Bootcamp


In week 1 of the internship, our focus will be on how ChatGPT which is an advanced computer program is designed to engage in human-like conversations. Through the Week 1 Live Bootcamp and Coding Project, we will learn how to work with the Pytorch library which is used in the Natural Language Processing (NLP) applications and how it helps build a bot.


After completing this course you will:

  • Understand the basics of Generative AI.
  • Familiarize with the architecture of the GPT model.
  • Learn how you can generate a relevant response using awesome prompts.


ChatGPT utilizes a vast language model powered by deep learning techniques. It generates natural language responses in response to text-based inputs. Built upon the transformer architecture and extensively trained on an massive corpus of text data, ChatGPT has the capability to deliver human-like and contextually relevant replies across a diverse array of queries and conversational subjects.

Watch this Live Bootcamp (recording available below after live session) on building your own ChatGPT model & learn how you can access the da-vinci-003 model to get responses to your prompts, set the behaviour of the model using the OpenAI’s API.

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Click the below button to access the ChatGPT kandi kit. This kit has all the required dependencies and resources you need to build your application.

Click on the 1-Click Installer button on the kandi kit page to install the ChatGPT kit. On installing and running this kit, you will have a working model that you can customize and use in your project.

kandi 1-Click Kit - Dark

Below is a sample coding exercise that will help you advance in your journey in ChatGPT model. To get started, use the relevant keywords to search for simple code snippets in the search bar on kandi .

Sample Exercise 1 - Create Tensors in PyTorch : A PyTorch Tensor is a generic n-dimensional array to be used for arbitrary numeric computation similar to a numpy array.


Complete and submit this interesting Coding Project and receive your Generative AI Enthusiast Badge!

It is mandatory for you to complete your weekly Coding Project in order to receive your final Internship Completion Certificate.

NOTE :: For questions 6-10, please ensure you upload screenshots of your code and outcome in PNG format ONLY. We will not be able to consider answers provided in text or any other format. You will receive your Badge #3 if you meet the minimum requirement of 60% correct answers. If not, you will receive an email from us requesting you to retake the Coding Project.

Coding Project - Week 1

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Is there any recorede session for this bootcmap


Can i know, where do i get meeting link?

1. Which of the following is not an NLP task?

  • Part-of-speech tagging
  • Sentiment analysis
  • Image classification
  • Named entity recognition
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2. Which of the following is a common language model used in NLP?

  • Naive Bayes
  • Decision tree
  • Random forest
  • LSTM
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3. Which of the following is not a type of chatbot?

  • Rule-based chatbot
  • Contextual chatbot
  • Hybrid chatbot
  • Neural chatbot
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4. Which of the following is not a natural language understanding task?

  • Named entity recognition
  • Intent classification
  • Text summarization
  • Machine translation
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5. Which of the following is a common challenge in developing chatbots?

  • Limited data
  • Complex algorithms
  • Overfitting
  • Underfitting
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This is going to be a live bootcamp session.


Please check out the page now.

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Hey will there be a link to join, for today at evening

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To join, please sign up or sign in on this page. You can find the sign-in/sign-up option at the top right-hand corner. Once you have successfully signed up or signed in, you will be able to watch the boot camp on this page. Please refer to the live telecast/recorded video available on this page. Your attendance will only be counted if you are signed up or signed in while watching the live or recorded boot camp.


happy to have this course for free


Can we get the code?

check your e-mail which you are used to register

The kandi 1-click kit button below the video on this page, has the necessary link to download and install the solution