22 Aug :: Week 1 Live Bootcamp

Will check and let you know.

even i havent received badge 3. my email is sr0451@srmist.edu.in

I have submitted week 1 project week ago and haven’t received the bade yet. Also I haven’t receive any mail for retaking the project.

My email ID is nameerkhan0123@gmail.com

Will check and let you know.

Will check and let you know.

I have not received any email regarding my batch for Week 1 and i is t not even showing whether I have to redo the coding assingment of the week 1.

Kindly check your mail again. Upon submission, you will receive your badge in 48hrs.

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[/quote] Mam still now… i Didn’t receive any response mail about my code project 1 to earn Badge #3
How to see my earnings badge is there any way?

We would reach out to you one on one to get clarity and sort the issue. Thanks!

my system is not able to auto setup the kit
please tell me how i can do it manually

Pls follow the instructions provided on the 1click kandi kit page (Build AI Powered Breast Cancer Detection Engine | kandi) to run it manually

when I’m trying to open the open weaver studio page, the screen is white… nothing appears on the page.

Can you check again now and confirm if you facing the same issue?

i havent received my badge#3 . i have submitted it almost a month ago. please clarify

You will receive your badge #3 by the end of the day.