21 Aug :: Week 1 Live Bootcamp


In week 1 of the internship, our focus will be on how Python Programming is widely regarded as one of the most popular object-oriented scripting programming languages. It is used in various development scenarios due to its versatility. Python can handle a multitude of use cases while offering comparable performance to many other programming languages. Through the Week 1 Live Bootcamp and Coding Project, we will dive into Python Programming fundamentals, equipping ourselves with the essential skills to confidently write code, solve problems, and build a Simple Calculator Application.


After completing this week’s Bootcamp & Coding Project you will:

  • Have a good working knowledge of the Fundamentals of Python Programming Language.
  • Learn various concepts like lists, functions, and tuples that are used to create interesting applications in Python.
  • Have a fully functional Simple Calculator Application that you can customize to add more operations.


Python programming utilizes powerful features such as lists, functions, and tuples to efficiently manage and manipulate data.

Watch this Live Bootcamp (recording available below after live session) on the Basics of Python Programming & learn how to use lists, functions, and tuples effectively. Mastering these essentials enables data manipulation, modular code creation, and leveraging immutable data structures.

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Click the below button to access the basics of Python Programming kandi kit. This kit has all the required dependencies and resources you need to build your application.

Click on the 1-Click Installer button on the kandi kit page to install the basics of Python Programming kit. On installing and running this kit, you will have a working model that you can customize and use in your project.

kandi 1-Click Kit - Dark

Below are three sample coding exercises that will help you advance in your journey in Python Programming. To get started, use the relevant keywords to search for simple code snippets in the search bar on kandi.

Sample Exercise 1 - Displaying Text to User: This exercise helps you print text to the output screen with the inbuilt print() function in python.

Sample Exercise 2 - Taking Input from User: Python’s input() function is used to take user input . By default, it returns the user input in form of a string.

Sample Exercise 3 - if else statements in Python: The if-else statement is used to execute both the true part and the false part of a given condition . If the condition is true, the if block code is executed and if the condition is false, the else block code is executed.


Complete and submit this interesting Coding Project and receive your Data Science Enthusiast Badge!

It is mandatory for you to complete your weekly Coding Project in order to receive your final Internship Completion Certificate.

NOTE :: For questions 6-10, please ensure you upload screenshots of your code and outcome in PNG format ONLY. We will not be able to consider answers provided in text or any other format. You will receive your Badge #3 if you meet the minimum requirement of 60% correct answers. If not, you will receive an email from us requesting you to retake the Coding Project.

Coding Project - Week 1

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Me too excited for this event​:v::v: hope will get good hand’s on experience

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Where is the meeting link?

I am interested for this BOOT CAMP

1. How familiar are you with the Python programming language?

  • This is my first Python course
  • Beginner level
  • Intermediary level
  • Advanced level
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2. Where was the name Python picked up from?

  • Monty Dragon’s Flying Circus
  • Monty Python’s Flying Circus
  • Monty Cobra’s Flying Circus
  • None of the above
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3. Python was developed as a successor to which language?

  • ABC
  • XYZ
  • BCD
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4. Python was developed by?

  • Guido Van Rossum
  • Alex Markcus
  • Brendan Eich
  • Dennis Ritchie
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5. A Python program file has which of these extensions?

  • .pyc
  • .py
  • .pynb
  • .pf
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You dont need a meeting link. The bootcamp will be live streamed on this page at 5 pm - see above.


Coding Project - Week 1 button or link is not working if i am clicking it’s not redirecting to next page. Please rectify this issue ASAP…


The link is active when the session is live. You may check the link now.


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I am also very excited to learn .