14 Sept :: Mentoring and Clarification Session


Welcome to this mentoring and clarification session for your Capstone Project. This session is dedicated to providing you with the support you need and addressing any questions or doubts you may have regarding your Capstone Project. Through this mentoring and clarification session, you will gain a comprehensive understanding of the Capstone Project requirements and expectations.


After completing this week’s session you will:

  • Have an understanding on the best practices to follow for creating a Data Science Application in Open Weaver Studio.
  • Learn about components of Data Science application development like Email service, AI services like Human Language Translation, Text Categorization, Email service etc.
  • Receive answers to a list of the most common queries on building an application with Open Weaver Studio.


Acquire invaluable insights into proven best practices and effective strategies to ensure the successful execution of your project. Develop a deep and thorough understanding of the precise requirements and high expectations associated with your Capstone Project.

Watch this Live Bootcamp (recording available below after live session) and get an opportunity to ask questions and seek clarification on Capstone Project related doubts or concerns.

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Click the below button to access the Open Weaver Studio. As your Capstone project, you will build an AI Web Application using Open Weaver Studio.

NOTE :: If you had registered for the Internship, you have been been provided access to Open Weaver Studio. You will have to re-set your password and use the updated password to access Open Weaver Studio and all other Open Weaver sites (this community platform, kandi etc). Click HERE to follow a step-by-step guide on how to access Open Weaver Studio.

If you need additional support to access your Open Weaver Studio account, please email support@openweaver.com

Start Capstone Project


In your Capstone Project, you are required to create a functional website with multiple pages linked properly. The website you are going to develop should show the implementation of customized design and user experience. It should also be integrated with different AI services.


The Capstone Project you are going to develop is mandatory to adhere to the below requirements:

  • Page Structure - The Project Web pages should have distinct sections like Header, Footer, and usage of Hero Sections for landing page message and user call to action.
  • Page Elements - The Project Web pages should demonstrate the usage of at least 3 different display elements and 4 different form elements.
  • Page Navigation - The Project should demonstrate page navigations using direct link elements, linking page navigations, and navigation action from flows.
  • Visual Design - The Project should use custom style properties to design page, elements colors and demonstrate usage of other style properties like borders etc. for the page elements.
  • AI Services Integration - Integrate the AI services Text Classification, Sentiment Analysis, Named Entity Recognition. The classification should depict a hierarchical classification with at least 3 categories. You can load data into database and apply classification, sentiments with entities and display.
  • Flows - The Project should demonstrate usage of all control flow actions with different conditional path scenarios.

Optional AI Services Integration - The Project can integrate at least one of the AI services from Text generation or Image generation (Text to Image, Content Generation, Language Translation, Summarization).

Here are some sample ideas of websites you could build for your Capstone Project:

  1. A Product Sentiment Analyzer Website listing the providing sentiment associated with product reviews.
  2. A Resume Writing Website that creates a resume based on the skills provided.
  3. A Support ticket classification Website showcasing a categorization of support tickets received from customers.
  4. A Storytelling Application Website generating a story based on user input.

If you haven’t already begun, please initiate your Capstone Project and receive your Data Science Practitioner Badge!

Submit Capstone Project

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On completion and submission of your Capstone Project and Coding Projects for weeks 1 & 2, you will receive your Internship Completion Certificate!


Reach out to us by replying below for any questions! You must be signed in with your registered email address to use the ‘reply’ feature.

There is only one Capston project know to submit

I received Fifth badge after submitting capstone project.What is next process?

Hi, You can see the link on Week 3 capstone project community page.

Currently, we are reviewing your capstone project … you can sit and relax… you will receive the internship completion certificate end of September.

In this data science virtual internship there are one capstone project or two???

Hi, There is only one capstone project need to be submitted.

Good evening sir/madam, I have submitted my capstone project on last Friday. I still haven’t received my badge

Good evening madam, I have submitted my capstone project on last Friday. I still haven’t received my badge

Can we submit the capstone project today?

You haven’t submitted a proper link, please submit a valid Open Weaver Studio link of your project.

You haven’t submitted a proper link, please submit a valid Open Weaver Studio link of your project.

Yes, you can. Please submit your capstone project as soon as possible.

capstone project if not completed but i completed all week coding project now i receive internship Certificate or Not?

Mam please check into my capstone project I have submitted it but haven’t received my badge please tell if there is a problem

If you’ve completed Week 1 and Week 2 Coding Projects and the Capstone Project, you’ll also get your internship completion certificate by the end of September.

Please resubmit your Open Weaver Studio project link with the correct email address; the one you provided is not valid.

Hi Sir/Maam I lost my entire project while I attempted to connect to flow. Will I be able to retrieve my project back and I apology for being late in the process.

Sorry for the trouble caused by me, due to low network bandwidth I had faced the above issue.

I have submitted the project but still I have not received badges please do check it and provide5 badges